By Rick L. Callender, ESQ. CA/HI NAACP President

April 1 2022

California – Hawaii State Conference NAACP EQUITY, JUSTICE & EARTH DAY

April always brings a new beginning with spring and the global celebration of Mother Earth. As drought ravages the West Coast and the State of California, I’d be remiss if I did not speak to the current situation. 

Just like the previous drought which lasted from 2012 to 2016, we are once again seeing threats to one of the sources of the nation’s produce. Just like before, the drought will have long-lasting consequences for the area’s most vulnerable residents. Three of California’s most vulnerable communities who were disproportionately affected by the last drought: rural farmworkers, communities of color in the state’s Central Valley, and Indigenous communities are again at the door of financial destruction due to the impacts of the drought.  

Environmental and climate justice is a civil rights issue. Climate change is not going away and droughts are not going away. Both statewide and locally we have to be engaged in the difficult and important conversations that need to be had to advocate for policies that rectify impacts of climate change on our communities. We have to be involved in advancing a society that fosters sustainable, cooperative, regenerative communities. 

I have always said where you have challenges you have an opportunity.
It’s not too late for us to collectively act in the interest of our planet and our community by fighting for a healthy, safe environment for all. 

We will continue our fight for climate justice as we head into Earth Day. I look to our CA/HI NAACP leaders in lending their voices in this charge.

Yours in the fight, 
Rick L. Callender, ESQ.