Black History month is a month of reflection, honoring those before us – while lifting up those within the African American community that make Black history each and every day. 

We have all stood on the shoulders of brave freedom fighters, creative minds, political leaders, athletes and those that have risen to the call to serve our community in a variety of ways.  I ask that you lift up our leaders in the NAACP who have continued to fight for justice – despite whatever odds have been thrown in front of them. The dedication and work of those today will leave historic impacts for our future generations.

The NAACP is monitoring the recent bomb threats made to HBCUs across the country. The Black community has long been plagued by threats of domestic terrorism against them in their schools, homes, and houses of worship. As we enter Black History Month, it is all too concerning that we are seeing a resurgence of these threats. 

We urge all of our NAACP state, local and national officials to remain vigilant and watch for forthcoming developments as the FBI investigates these threats.

The NAACP marks its 113th anniversary on February 12, and we remain the oldest and most revered civil rights organization with tremendous, dedicated volunteers and leaders who in their own communities are making Black history.  With that we celebrate you this month while also looking back to honor those who have contributed to our history. 

Yours in fight, 

Rick L. Callender, ESQ.