Communications Tips for Branches: How to draft a short press release

Communications Tips for Branches: How to draft a short press release

When drafting a press release there are items that can make or break your press release. Here are a few rules for you to refer to when crafting your press release.

Your title should be 8-9 words max, or as concise and attention grabbing as possible to grab the attention of the journalist when pitching. For example: 


Include the date the press release is released to the media. (ie. If you began writing the press release on 2/3 but sent it to the media on 2/11, the press release should be dated 2/11.) 

Include the media contact information for your Branch

Inverted pyramid – most important info first, general details last.

  • Right before your lede, you should have “CITY, Month, Day, Year—” bolded. For example:

SACRAMENTO, CA (2/20/23) – The California Hawaii NAACP…

  • Lede – Lead with the most important information. This first section should be one sentence to two sentences max, expressing the who, what, when, where and why.
  • Body – All secondary details go here. 
  • Quote – Within your body paragraphs try to include one sensational quote that can be used by journalists. 
  • Tail – Any extra information you’d like to add in goes at the end of the press release. 
  • Boilerplate – The boilerplate is your ‘About Us’ section. This brief paragraph will serve to provide the journalist with high-level background on your organization.

At the very end of your press release, skip a few lines and include ‘###’ or ‘-30-’ to signal that the details in the press release are completed.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to send out press releases.

For more information on press releases or anything communications related, contact CA/HI NAACP Communications Specialist Kristine Yabumoto at