Redistricting is the process of redrawing the congressional and state legislative boundaries after the U.S. Census. The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is the redistricting commission for the State of California-they are responsible for determining the boundaries of districts for the Board of Equalization, State Senate and State Assembly. This process happens once every ten years and the state of California is up for redistricting this year. 

California/Hawaii State Conference NAACP is sharing this information in the hopes that our local branches are also paying attention to the local municipalities and special districts in your community that are also undergoing redistricting efforts.

Redistricting provides an opportunity for citizens to directly impact the political process. It’s imperative that African Americans and people of color have a voice in how political boundaries in this state are determined. Take 5 minutes to share more about your local community for the statewide redistricting effort through the Community of Interest Tool :