Thriving Together

NAACP CA/HI President’s Message, Thriving Together in 2024

As we approach 2024 I reflect on the noteworthy accomplishments of this year and ask that you join me in anticipation as we outline the respectful goals we aspire to achieve in 2024. Your continued support and commitment to the NAACP are truly appreciated. 

In 2023, 

  • The NAACP CA/HI State Conference was awarded two NAACP Thalheimer Awards at the National Convention–One for our works in our publications and one for our programs. 
  • We were awarded $435K in grant funding secured to support the work of the NAACP California-Hawaii State Branches. 
  • We continued to support our Youth & College Division by funding youth at Day at the Capitol, Convention 2022 and 2023, supporting the Youth President to attend the National Convention, and funding youth to participate in Stop the Hate efforts, in addition to paying for all the youth rooms at our State Convention.
  • We held our annual Day at the Capitol with over 100 branch members and youth in attendance holding impactful conversations with 51 California Legislators. 
  • Effectively lobbied for 29 state legislative bills.
    • SB 673 (Bradford) guarantees that Black children and young Black women will receive the attention and protection they need when they are reported missing.
    • AB 1327 (Weber) addresses a standing problem that many California high school student-athletes of color have dealt with: racism during high school sporting contests. The bill mandates the California Department of Education, in collaboration with relevant community organizations, to create a standardized form for recording hate violence and hazing incidents at high school sporting events, with results to be posted on their website.
    • AB 1165 (McCarty) addresses racism on school campuses by encouraging schools to implement a restorative justice practice when a student has perpetrated racist bullying, harassment, or intimidation.
  • Honored 1968 Olympic medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos as well as Harry Edwards and Kenneth Noel at our 2023 Legacy Hall of Fame
  • Mailed out 380K slate cards stating the November 2022 NAACP CA/HI Positions to African American California registered voters and NAACP CA/HI members. 
  • Wrote letter to the editor for the San Francisco Chronicle when the NAACP Oakland Branch’s relevancy was questioned (an attack on our legacy as an Association at large). 
  • Joined National NAACP Leadership in calling for an African American woman to fill Sen. Feinstein’s seat in a letter written to Gov. Newsom. 
  • Made our voices heard on social media, in the press, on our website, and through our monthly newsletter. 
  • Celebrated NAACP CA/HI President Emeritus Alice Huffman and NAACP Spingarn Medalist Hazel N. Dukes at our 36th NAACP State Convention. We were joined by over 300 branch members in Burlingame, California. 

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In 2024, 

  1. We will continue to prioritize criminal justice, environmental justice, health needs for our community, educational equality, and economic stability. 
  2. We will be creating an LGBTQ+ Committee to create a stronger voice on issues that directly impact our community.
  3. NAACP CA/HI will continue to the the best unit in the nation at embracing and using technology and social media to make our voice stronger, more visible, more vocal, and more influential.
  4. We will continue to strengthen our committee structure so that all Branches have the opportunity to have their members participate on our statewide committees.

Happy Holidays NAACP Family! See you in 2024, where we will continue thriving together.

Yours in the Fight,

Rick L. Callender, Esq.

President NAACP CA/HI