Call from CA/HI NAACP to Shop Local, Shop Black Owned This Holiday Season

Call from CA/HI NAACP to Shop Local, Shop Black Owned This Holiday Season

California Hawaii State Conference NAACP makes a call to Shop Local and Shop Black Owned, Small Business Saturday and Always

#ShopLocalShopBlack a call to shop five local Black owned businesses on Nov 27

CALIFORNIA (November 10, 2021) — CA/HI State Conference NAACP, makes a call to its 57 Branches and Branch members to support Black owned businesses within their community this holiday season by “Shopping Local and Shopping Black Owned” on November 27 in celebration of the kick off to the holiday shopping season by participating in Small Business Saturday. 

An estimated 110 million shoppers supported independent shops and restaurants which drove $19.8 billion in sales to the small business sector according to American Express in 2020. With an estimated 2.6 million Black owned businesses nationwide and minority businesses hardest hit from the economic downturn of the 2020 pandemic, the need is stronger than ever to keep our dollars supporting California and Hawaii locally owned and operated small businesses of color within our communities. 

As we celebrate the return of in-person gatherings, dining and shopping events this holiday season, CA/HI NAACP looks to its 57 California and Hawaii NAACP Branches to activate the “Shop Local and Shop Black” campaign within their communities to advocate, raise awareness and support its minority, Black owned businesses. Campaign efforts include a call to shop five Black owned businesses on November 27.

The launch of the “Shop Local and Shop Black” campaign is a rally in support of their communities and their Small businesses, CA/HI NAACP hopes to see overall sales growth on November 27, while bringing back together entrepreneurs and community members. The #ShopLocalShopBlack campaign will target California and Hawaii holiday shoppers through digital marketing efforts from November 15 – November 28 in its call to action to keep dollars locally spent supporting our communities of color.

Here is how you can join the California Hawaii State Conference NAACP and support Black owned businesses on November 27 – Small Business Saturday and always.

  1. Shop five Black owned businesses 
  2. Share on social media five Black owned businesses to support 
  3. Create a list of Black owned businesses, post list to your website or social media
  4. Go live on social media and call out the amazing businesses in your community
  5. Write a positive Yelp review
  6. Eat, drink, shop and buy an extra gift card – always
  7. Use the hashtag #ShopLocalShopBlack in your social media posts

“This holiday season, stand in solidarity with our Black owned businesses and Shop Black owned. Small businesses are a major driver of our economy and fuel economic growth throughout the state of California and Hawaii. The time is now to take action, celebrate the contributions made by our Small businesses and contribute to building back strong, thriving Black owned businesses within our communities” We are stronger together and together can make a great impact and real significance in minority businesses this holiday season.”

Rick Callender, ESQ.
CA/HI NAACP President

Our mission in this call is to shine a light on our creative, skilled entrepreneurs that have dedicated their time and energy into a craft of serving the their local communities, while continuing to be a positive role model to future generations – support local businesses and join the call with CA/HI NAACP to #ShopLocalShopBlack visit for more information. 

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