CA/HI NAACP Bill Positions

CA/HI NAACP Bill Positions

Date: June 25, 2021

Written by: Dominique Donette

Legislative advocacy is a key component of the work of the CA/HI State Conference NAACP. Specifically, bills have a significant impact on the work and mission of the organization throughout the state of California, Hawaii, and beyond .

As of June 2021, CA/HI NAACP is currently tracking 28 bills, 3 of which we have identified as priority to support: 

  • SB 2(Bradford): The Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act of 2021
    • Bill Summary: This bill establishes new standards and mechanisms for evaluating, investigating, disqualifying, and decertifying law enforcement officers. It increases accountability for law enforcement officers that commit serious misconduct and illegally violate a person’s civil rights. It also would establish a new standard for establishing liability, eliminate the application of certain governmental immunities, and allow wrongful death actions under the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act (Bane Act). 
    • Why we’re supporting this bill:  California and Hawaii are two of four states that do not have a process for revoking peace officer certificates as a result of misconduct (the 45 other states have a process). This bill emphasizes civil, independent investigations vs. reliance on internal investigations of peace officers may lead to rebuilding trust with peace officers and the communities they work in.  
  • AB 14255(Gipson): California Advanced Services Fund: Broadband Public Housing Account
    • Bill Summary: This bill dedicates funding to the Public Housing Account within the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) to achieve connectivity for residents in publicly subsidized multiunit housing. 
    • Why we’re supporting this bill: It is the policy of the state (of California) to seek to ensure that all residents in publicly subsidized multiunit housing complexes are connected to high-speed internet service in their residential units. Internet connectivity assists all people with day to day living in the digital age. Increased access will lead to economic opportunity, lessen health disparities and improve educational outcomes for the communities we represent. 
  • AB 655(Kalra): CLEAR (California Law Enforcement Reform) ACT
    • Bill Summary: This bill requires a public agency that hires or employs a peace officer to investigate any prospective or current peace officer for any involvement in a hate group. 
    • Why we’re supporting this bill:  Based on the findings of multiple instances of peace officer participation in hate speech, expression and overall association with hate crime organizations, this work is necessary to rebuild trust between the African American community (in addition to other communities of color and those experiencing poverty) and peace officers. 

To actively stay engaged with CA/HI NAACP and the bills that impact so many African Americans throughout the State of California and Hawaii, we encourage you to join your local NAACP Branch, if you are not a member.

For a  complete list of legislation that the CA/HI State Conference is tracking, please visit the Bill Positions page on the California Hawaii State Conference NAACP website, click here. 

For more information on legislative activities, please contact Public Affairs Specialist, Dominique Donette,