Statement from CA/HI NAACP President on  recent anti-Asian American attacks

Statement from CA/HI NAACP President on recent anti-Asian American attacks

California Hawaii State Conference NAACP Standing United against anti-Asian Hate.

It has been a couple of weeks since the murder of our Asian sisters in Atlanta, but my heart still bleeds, my eyes still tear, and my anger still boils over for our Asian brothers and sisters and what they are still being subjected to.  This is not only in Atlanta but in most American major cities, including in my own City of San Jose. 

For time immemorial, Asians have be subjected to discrimination and mistreatment, but it has not always been visible or on video.  This discrimination and mistreatment is not new, it has been here for many years.  Look back in history, when Chinatowns were popping up throughout the country.  Just like African American communities, Asian communities were terrorized and burned down.  Those of Asian descent have long been mistreated with the same despicable behaviors that African Americans were subjected to, and yes it continues.  

It’s shameful and disgusting what is going on in California and throughout the country with the forces of hate organizing against those of Asian descent.  The CA/HI NAACP stands strongly in solidarity with our Asian brothers and sisters – know we will bring all of our resources and forces to provide the same fight for civil rights, fair treatment, equal protection under the law, and equality to this situation.  

We will NOT allow for other people of color to be intimidated,

discriminated against, and abused because of the color

of their skin or race.  

All people of color, and people of kind and caring hearts, are in this together and ready to fight.  We will not allow for the forces of hate, distrust, racism, and discrimination to rule the day – yes, this is regardless of the color of the skin of those terrorizing the Asian community.

The CA/HI NAACP and its 56 Branches will always condemn racism and hate, and stand firm on #stopasianhate.  

Rick L. Callender Esq., CA/HI NAACP President